Scan To Add A Facebook Friend On Android Phones

Have you ever been at a social event and run into someone who you want to add as a friend on Facebook? You either have to remember to add them when you get home, or go through the process of adding them using a smartphone, which involves multiple steps. An Android app called Instant Friend makes the process of adding a Facebook friend as simple as scanning a QR code using your phone.

The idea behind Instant Friend is really pretty simple, particularly if you have the Facebook app already installed on your phone. You install the app on your phone and it uses your login credentials of the Facebook app to connect to your Facebook account. Instant Friend then creates a QR code that other people who use the app can scan to add you as their friend. The app turns on the camera so that it can scan the codes that your friends present.

When you scan a person’s QR code, the app will instantly submit a friend request in Facebook if the phone is connected to the Internet, otherwise it will store the information until a connection is available and then send the request. Instant Friend keeps a history of the friends that you scan so that you can confirm they have been added when you logon to Facebook. Instant Friend is a free app and is available now in the Android Market.