Saving America: A Safe Place for Online Politics?

A bipartisan social network hopes to help Americans talk it out.

With election season on the way, many Americans are gearing up to delete, hide and de-friend the spew of political ranting that’s bound to invade our Facebook and Twitter feeds. But what if we could harness the awesome reach of social media to discuss on the issues of our country in a way that was actually civil?

That’s the premise behind Saving America, a new social network that launched this month. The for-profit model aims to direct the focus and passion of America away from angry diatribes and toward a constructive exchange of ideas on issues ranging from education to innovation.

To tempt thoughtful users with a greater reward than typing out a perfectly nasty barb, Saving America has introduced a new digital currency called the SA Coin. Users receive coins for signing up with the service, inviting friends, writing and responding to posts, and as rewards for up-voting within the community.  The blockchain-based coins have a decentralized value that increases with their popularity.

The potential financial rewards may be incentive enough to rally users around Saving America’s cause, but the company has also introduced a public-facing Ballet Box, which it hopes will spark conversation around the Internet.  Currently a straight up- or down-vote on the electoral college, Ballet Box is a opinion poll on important topics, complete with expert video testimony from each side of the issue. Users will have to wait until Nov. 4th to see the results, but you can chime in on the other discussions on Saving America right now.