Save time making Facebook ads with Saved Audiences


So you’ve painstakingly built a Facebook ads audience of a few dozen interest or workplace targets. What a chore to have to rebuild that targeting each time, right?

Saved audiences allow you to take a well-performing audience and store it for later use, cutting down on the drudgery of re-entering your targets all the time.

But how do you choose which one to save? One of our ads had a 6.7 percent click-through rate (CTR) and a lot of engagement, so we’d love to keep this around for future use on business targets.

#1: Load up Power Editor

Navigate to your ads and select the ad you want to save the audience from:

2014-08-28 21_31_09-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

#2: Click on Save Audience

It’s the icon of two people with a plus sign near the top:

2014-08-28 21_33_26-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

You should now be on the Audiences screen with a new entry named after your ad as a saved target group.

#3: Tweak and rename your new audience for easy future reference

From here, you can modify what’s contained within the audience, and rename it for easier reference- in our case, we renamed it to Business Targets:

2014-08-28 21_34_21-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

#4: Using a saved audience

To use a saved audience, click on “Create Ad Using Audience” From the Audiences screen:

2014-08-28 21_35_14-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

From there, set up the ad normally:

2014-08-28 21_41_30-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

You’ll notice that Power Editor has automatically filled in all of your targeting information for you:

2014-08-28 21_42_46-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

It’s that easy! Now you can rapidly apply targeted audiences to new ads, which frees up your time.

NOTE: you can’t make a lookalike audience like with Custom Audience Targeting (CAT) lists, in case you are wondering.

2014-08-28 21_47_08-SavingAndUsingStoredAudiences_07082014_v3 (1) - Microsoft Word

Top image courtesy of Twin Design /