Save the day in Mind Candy’s Moshling Rescue on Facebook


After a soft launch in limited territories, Mind Candy has released Moshling Rescue for all users on Facebook. The game takes players to the land of Monstro City, where Big Bad Bill and his mischievous Woolly Blue Hoodoos have triggered an explosion at Moshi Volcano. The city has been buried, trapping moshlings inside. Players will need to join the city’s hero, a young girl named Ellie, as they complete match-three levels to bring the trapped animals home.

Each level in Moshling Rescue has a different layout, and most have a different Moshling to rescue. Some levels see Moshlings walking down a set path, represented by the level’s board, while others challenge users to dig down into the earth, destroying the dirt surrounding Moshlings by making matches of three or more like-symbols next to the dirt.

Levels offer additional, different tasks, and can be replayed indefinitely to increase high scores or earn the level’s three star rewards. Eventually, users will reach boss stages, during which enemy characters will alter the game board to make the goal harder to reach.


In some stages, players may be required to make matches using only a single color of candies, while others allow matches of all kinds. Creating matches of four or more like-colored candies results in power-ups on the board, like those that clear whole rows or columns of candies in a single move, as an example.

When users rescue Moshlings, they’re added to collections back on the world map. Users earn free currency when they’ve finished these collections, and can spend either free or premium currency on power-ups before or during stages. These can include additional moves for a single stage, rainbow gems which clear all candies of a single color, and more.

Moshling Rescue is available to play for free on Facebook. It has over 215,000 monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData.