Saudi Arabia Twitter Use Boomed in 2010

While Twitter as a whole saw massive growth in 2010, conservative Saudi Arabia’s Twitter use positively skyrocketed: new users from Saudi Arabia grew 240% over the course of the year.

Twitter added more than 100,000,000 new accounts in 2010, and this week we found out where a large chunk of them came from. It might surprise some, but Saudi Arabia has been seeing massive growth in social networking and blogging among its younger generation over the past few years. This trend led naturally to skyrocketing Twitter use.

According to the UK-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Twitter told them that Saudi Arabia Twitter use grew by 240%, and that the country saw an increase of 440% in daily tweets. Compare this to the global average of 95% growth in daily tweets, and you can see just how eagerly Saudi Arabians have embraced Twitter.

Al-Awsat discusses the main uses of Twitter by Saudi Arabians with a local blogger. He suspects that one of the draws of Twitter is the media attention that it garners, especially for legal cases. He says that Saudis use Twitter to bring legal issues to the public attention. In addition to this, he sees venting opinions, sharing and discussing the news, and counseling as the main activities that Saudis pursue on Twitter.

Twitter doesn’t reveal numbers for specific countries, only percentages, but it looks like Saudi Arabia is a country to watch on Twitter in 2011.