Sarah Silverman Says Goodbye to Her Breasts In PSA to Close the Wage Gap

They're named Rizzoli and Isles.

sarah silvermanSarah Silverman is not known for subtlety. She’s putting that gift to work on behalf of the Equal Payback Project, which is crowdfunding for $29,811,746,430,000, the amount women lose during the course of their careers due to the gender wage gap.

In the NSFW PSA, Silverman “the vagina owner” is at a doctor’s office to become the proud owner of a European penis. As a man, she won’t have to pay the $500,000 vagina tax that other working women are subject to by virtue of this inequality. That’s one way to go about it.

So far, the Project says it has raised nearly $80,000, enough to cover one woman and the equivalent of what a woman loses over the course of seven years and four months. There are 23 days left for the campaign. The money will go to the National Women’s Law Center, which is fighting for equal pay through legislative channels, education and advocacy.

Humor is a good way to approach many issues, this one included. The scenario here and Silverman’s sharp tongue clearly illustrate how outrageous it is that woman are working away only to bring home less bacon. This is also an example of “edgy” done right. Some might think waving a fake penis around is a little over the top, but they would be wrong.

Check it out below.

via The Guardian, Entertainment Weekly