SanDisk SlotMusic: Still Questionable

It’s been almost a month since the introduction of SanDisk SlotMusic, but it doesn’t appear that the format has really caught the fancy of the public—not that this is any surprise. MocoNews reports that now that the company has also launched a $19.99 MP3 gadget called the Sansa SlotMusic Player, a displayless plastic unit that exists to play SlotMusic microSD cards, SanDisk is indirectly showing its real interest: getting consumers to play microSD cards on their cell phones.

“Somewhat lost in the news was what SanDisk still considers its bigger strategy with their microSD cards: to get consumers to play music on the 770 million phones that will ship this year with the built-in card slots.”

The report said that essentially, SanDisk had to “fill out the ecosystem” by producing a player, even if that’s not the company’s main goal, which is to produce and sell gazillions of microSD cards. Despite SanDisk’s insistence in the article that every player involved is making money, we agree that it can’t be more than a stop-gap measure as everyone transitions to digital.