Samsung To Sell Android Media Player

Yesterday I wrote about the iPod Touch, which provides the ability to run iPhone apps, but without the costs of owning an iPhone. If you are a fan of Android you might be happy to hear that Samsung will soon be selling the Galaxy Player, which is like the iPod Touch because it provides the ability to run Android apps but is not a phone.
Samsung announced at their 2011 product lineup event that they will be selling two models of the Galaxy Player, one with a 4″ screen and another with a 5″ screen. Both will include WiFi and have front and rear facing cameras. While the Galaxy Player will not run Facetime, it will include Qik, which supports video conferencing similar to Facetime.
The growth of the Android Market, including an increase in developer support of Android, Samsung’s own media ecosystem, Amazon’s MP3 music and soon to launch apps stores, combined with the Galaxy Player’s support of multiple screen sizes and expandable storage make it a compelling competitor to the iPod Touch. However, the most important criteria for the Galaxy Player’s success will be its price, and that, along with when it will ship, has not been provided by Samsung. The Galaxy Player needs to beat Apple’s prices for the iPod Touch in order to be a serious competitor.