Sabrina Hunter Book Series Helps Children Succeed

Outside of funded charities, you don’t come across many people who make helping others a priority.

Imagine envisioning a way to encourage children to read – and not only that, coming up with a program that would enhance a child’s decision-making skills, thereby increasing an at-risk child’s chance at success?

Now imagine you decided to make that idea a reality, no matter what.

This week’s Pay It Forward Friday post focuses on someone who is trying to do just that.

Freezing Fire is a story about twelve-year-old Sabrina Hunter, who witnesses a war among faeries spill onto earth and who sets out on an unexpected adventure as a result.

Beyond being a series with an engaging story line, the Sabrina Hunter series has an an online game component that helps kids learn to work through tough situations in real life by viewing them through the fantastical world of Sabrina’s story. And the games also encourage parent participation.

And it gets better.

There’s a scholarship component as well. Outside of the cost to produce the series and ship the books, the series author, Randy Staples, will be directing the proceeds to a scholarship fund. You can learn more about the scholarship and his reasons behind it here – but he’s basically trying to reach kids before they become a statistic.

As a single Dad who raised six children, he has a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. And he has lofty goals:

I know the figure I’m about to present is large, but it is my goal: Once I reach 12 million, the interest on that figure is 500k per year. That money stays in the bank so there will be 500k worth of scholarships handed out every year thereafter. Between sales and contributions of twelve books in this series, plus corporate contributions, that figure is attainable and will be reached. Personally I’m not stopping until I do.

Randy has started a Kickstarter Project to raise funds and could really use your support – even the smallest contribution helps. And if you can’t contribute, please help spread the word by sharing his site with friends.

And p.s. – the wonderful series illustrations you’ll find connected to the site on Pinterest are by Randy’s son, Jordan. So they’re not only a goodhearted family, they’re quite artistically talented as well. Obviously.

Let us know what you think of the Sabrina Hunter series in the comments!

(Child reading image from Shutterstock)

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