Ryan Reynolds’ New Mint Mobile Ad Is Packed With Self-Mocking Jokes and Easter Eggs

The Deadpool star bought the budget carrier in November

Screenshot of Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds' mom makes a quick cameo in the new Mint Mobile spot. Mint Mobile
Headshot of Kathryn Lundstrom

Pre-pandemic, Mint Mobile was in the process of filming an “epic first commercial,” according to the budget mobile carrier’s new owner, Ryan Reynolds. But like everything else, that got put on hold, he explains in a new spot released today that he filmed from his house.

Instead of whatever he had planned—which seems to have involved a roaring tiger and a woodsy flyover shot—Reynolds created a classic slideshow to demonstrate the perks of Mint Mobile. Notably, it’s just $15 per month. There are also no retail stores, members get unlimited talk and text nationwide and maybe it’s plant-based? Though that seems like a stretch. Best not to believe everything you read in a PowerPoint presentation.

After that, it kind of goes off the rails. Reynolds sandwiches several thank you slides into the presentation directed toward no one in particular, and his screen share reveals a chaotic desktop including folders for “Bad-Blake-Photos,” “Books to Say I’ve Read,” and several homages to his Canadian heritage, like a document filled with his favorite royal Canadian horses. He also shows a pie chart that suggests 60% of his movies have plot holes. Toward the end, he shows a short clip of his mom telling him that she’s proud.

“It’s an odd time to be creating content and we thought acknowledging that was more honest and in this case, fun,” Reynolds told Adweek.

While it’s obvious to viewers that it’s the coronavirus pandemic that caused a shift in Mint’s advertising plans, Reynolds doesn’t actually say it out loud. Instead he sort of whispers, “You know,” almost as if we’re talking about You-Know-Who.

Reynolds bought Mint Mobile in November and the move marked his second foray into business ownership after purchasing a majority stake in Aviation Gin in early 2018. It was in large part his marketing for the gin company, filled with his unique brand of dry, self-deprecating humor and wit that earned him a spot in Adweek’s annual Creative 100 last summer.

Since Reynolds purchased Mint Mobile, promotion has been pretty low-key compared to his stream of stunts for Aviation Gin. The company gave away free cell service during the Super Bowl and made data unlimited for all subscribers to help people out at the beginning of the pandemic, which he announced in voicemails to each Mint customer.

@klundster kathryn.lundstrom@adweek.com Kathryn Lundstrom is Adweek's breaking news reporter based in Austin.