Ruder Finn Launches Finn Partners

Ruder Finn Group has launched a new firm, Finn Partners, that will operate as a separate company within that umbrella group later this year. Peter Finn, co-CEO of Ruder Finn, will continue in that role while also serving as founder and managing partner of the new firm. He will give up that position when Finn Partners separates.

Finn Partners will merge nine Ruder Finn practices in order to provide a full range of services to clients in the arts, technology, consumer, travel/economic development, global issues, and public and corporate affairs areas. The firm will have 160 employees and is projected to generate$25 million in fees the first year. Ruder Finn will keep its focus on the healthcare space with Kathy Bloomgarden retaining her CEO position.

Finn Partners will be based in New York with the Ruder Finn offices in Chicago, L.A., Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Israel joining the new firm.

Last month, Ruder Finn announced its acquisition of The Rogers Group, merging that firm with Ruder Finn’s West Coast operations. With the exception of Sabrina Guttman, who was announced as Ruder Finn’s global head of technology and innovation based out of the San Francisco office last week, the rest of the West Coast team will join Finn Partners.

*Update: Ad Age reports that the new firm may be the result of family squabbles. “This move will make it possible for me to run a company that’s driven by my vision and for her to run a company driven by her vision,” Peter Finn told the magazine.