Royal Wins Launches Mojikan’s Kash Karnival on Facebook

mojikan 650Casual casino game fans have a new option to try on Facebook, as Royal Wins has launched Mojikan’s Kash Karnival on the platform. The game takes players to a colorful carnival, where they’ll have access to games in two distinct areas, the Adventure Casino and the Skill District. In this way, the game offers something for players looking for skill-based action games, as well as something more casual.

In the Skill District, players start with access to one game: Moji Mania. In this game, players control a character on a hover-board, and click and drag their mouse to move him across a battlefield. Enemy characters are also present, with the goal being to knock them off of the game platform before they can do the same to you. Players receive experience points as they play, and will face different quantities and sizes of enemies in each level. The more levels players complete before running out of lives, the more coins they’ll ultimately earn when the game ends. Extra lives sometimes appear on the game board, extending the game, while other power-ups may make the character move faster, increase their mass, and so on. mojikan 650 3Each game requires a coin bet to begin, and users will unlock higher bet amounts and different overall difficulty levels as they level-up. Gamers unlock a second game in the Skill District when they reach Level 24 in the overall game, with additional games coming soon. Royal Wins tells us these games will include titles in the “action runner, puzzle runner, match-three and bubble burst” genres.

Over in the Adventure Casino, players can try out the Mt. Kashmore slot machine game. This game sees players helping an explorer climb a large mountain in search of treasures, but the mountain’s volcanic activity adds a risk to the experience. In this game, players can change their active lines per bet, and their bet per line. Auto-spin is also available. Players earn experience points for each spin, and higher maximum bet amounts become available over time.mojikan 650 2

A bonus game allows players to actually climb up the mountain, and users are asked to hit a button to force the explorer to escape before the mountain explodes. The game is reminiscent of “hot potato,” as the explorer will continue to climb until the mountain explodes, picking up treasure along the way. It’s up to users to decide when to stop pressing their luck and escape. If the mountain explodes before users escape, their winnings go with it. In some cases, the explorer will enter caves in the mountain and choose from multiple chests to see what’s inside. These winnings can include coins, as well as free spins on the machine with winnings multiplier bonuses.

A second game in the Adventure Casino district is available at Level 10, and more games will be added going forward. These will include another slot machine game with a secondary feature (like that of climbing the mountain in Mt. Kashmore) and a bingo game.

Rounding out the experience, a user’s profile keeps track of their skills and progress within each individual game, which includes tracking one’s rank in comparison to the entire game community. An achievements system sees users winning badges for their profile, based on their actions in the overall game.

Mojikan’s Kash Karvnival is available to play for free on Facebook. It should be noted some users may have trouble running the game on older computers without experiencing lag.