Rowi Twitter App For Windows Phone 7

If you have a new Windows Phone one of the challenges you might encounter is finding the best Twitter app. You will find that there is a free official Twitter app for Windows Phone 7, but experience has shown that the official apps may not be the best ones available. For example, the Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 does not fully support lists because it doesn’t provide a way to see other people’s lists that you may follow, as you can don on the Twitter web site. I recently tried Rowi, which is Twitter app from a company named Hidden Pinapple.

Rowi comes in two versions, a free, ad-supported version, and a $2.99 version with no ads that supports push notifications. I am using the free version, but it’s worth noting that the the paid version supports notifications for direct messages and mentions.

One of the first things that you will notice after starting Rowi is how consistent it is with the Windows Phone use interface, and the developers point out that consistency as a feature. Text is displayed in white and a black background, and there is no way to change that configuration. You swipe left and right to move through the different sections, or columns, of the app displaying your Twitter timeline, mentions, and direct messages. Additional columns can be added by tapping the more button, then configure, and you can add a search or a list. Rowi allows you to change the order of what you see, so you can configure it to display a saved search first.

Scrolling through a column is very responsive, in fact, the app is a little too responsive with swiping as I frequently accdentially move between columns when scrolling using my thumb while holding the phone in one hand. To jump to the top of a timeline you tap the title of the column, and to refresh content you tap the refresh button at the bottom of the screen.

Rowi will automatically complete a mention, which you begin with the @ sign, using the names of people that you follow. Unfortunately, it does not use auto complete for saved searches. Rowi supports Twitpic for sharing pictures on Twitter.

In comparison to the Twitter app, the ad-supported version of Rowi does not provide much that Twitter does not provide, except for the ability to change the column order. TShe Twitter app does not have push notifications, so if that is something that would be useful to you, I think the paid version of Rowi is worth checking out. Another reason to keep an eye on Rowi is the development being done with MetroTwit to provide a backend cloud-based services between MetroTwit and Rowi.