Rovio’s Angry Birds Go! gets release date, gameplay trailer

Image via Rovio

Rovio has today released the official gameplay trailer for its upcoming Angry Birds Go!, which takes the now-classic game of birds-vs-pigs in a new direction: 3D kart racing. Angry Birds Go! stars all of the game’s popular bird and pig characters, and sees players controlling their character of choice on downhill courses, collecting coins, power-ups and more as they race for the No. 1 spot.

The trailer shows off the game’s 3D visuals, which allow for what appear to be some impressive environments. Players may race through a forest in one level, for instance, while jumping and gliding across large pits in another level’s canyon layout.

The game looks to stay true to form for kart racers, and will include multiple offensive power-ups. One may see players floating above other racers via the help of balloons, while another turns the cart into a massive rolling ball, capable of running over other karts on the track.

Angry Birds Go! will support Telepods, which were first seen in Angry Birds Star Wars II. Here, these collectible figures will come in the form of (at least) racers, and can be placed over the device’s camera to activate associated content within the app.

Angry Birds Go! will launch on mobile on December 11. Check out the full gameplay trailer below.

[H/T Gamezebo]