Rove App Discreetly Captures and Generates Your Adventures as Travelogues

RoveBack in the days when smartphone technology was not around to do practically everything for me when I am traveling, I saved business cards of every shop, museum, and restaurant I visited. This was especially problematic when I spent nearly a year in Paris – I came back with a library of business cards with no documentation of how or when I got them. Further, I was so fatigued from my trip  that they sat in their storage bag for ages. In fact, I still have them in their undocumented form.

Fast forward 6 years and we have an app just for that. It’s a travel app called Rove, but it’s also an urban exploring app and a story app. The best part? It auto-generates your travelogues based on GPS coordinates and optimizes energy consumption based on your speed (flying). If you document your trip using Instagram or any other app, Rove automatically adds that to your timeline. You can also manually add items and manually delete apps and items as you wish. The best part? It’s completely private unless you want to share it.

We use sensors like the GPS or the accelerometer to detect where you are and what you are doing. For example whether you are walking, driving or simply sitting in a restaurant. Overtime we developed algorithms that can guess with a high level of confidence your activities and whereabouts. Sometimes we get it wrong so we made it super easy for users to edit and modify details of their rove. We optimized our algorithm so that rove can keep running in the background during a trip as long as you charge your phone once a day with a standard use of your phone. For example, if your phone is not moving we reduce the number of measurements we take and adapt the precision accordingly. We are working on improving this even more and will soon double the efficiency of Rove


Rove App