Rome Hartman Won’t Be Tweeting Anytime Soon

Rome Hartman, the one-time CBS News executive who created and is the executive producer of BBC World News America, says he won’t be Twittering alongside his DC colleagues. He writes about it on his blog. And after all, what is a blog but Twittering, only longer.

C’mon Rome…

Below is the final couple of paragraphs, click here to read it all. And I dare you to get it down to 140 characters and Tweet it.

Now, I’m as tech-savvy as the next guy, and I completely get the way in which social networks like Twitter are changing the way information is shared around the world (remember how that great photo of the plane in the Hudson rocketed around the globe via Twitter?).

It’s just that I’m not sure I really care to know in real time what the anchor of Meet the Press is having for breakfast, or just what the House chamber podium looks like from the seat of the junior Senator from Arkansas. And I’m sure that no one, not even my wife and kids (perhaps especially my wife and kids), are desperate to know what I’m doing all day long, in bursts 140 characters long.

So, don’t look for tweets from me anytime soon. But if you must know, my lemon-poppyseed muffin this morning was delicious.