Romans from Mars: Defend Earth from waves of oncoming aliens on iOS, Google Play

Image via Majesco Entertainment

Masjeco Entertainment has announced the release of its latest mobile game, Romans from Mars, which challenges players to defend Earth from endless waves of aliens and their leader Mars, the God of War. The castle-defense game sees players jumping into a 3D environment, wielding a ballista in a first-person view of the battlefield.

Developed by Side-Kick Games, Romans from Mars sees the God of War being banished from Olympus and enlisting an army of Martians to make his revenge-fueled invasion. In each level, players fight waves of enemies by tapping on the screen to aim and automatically fire their crossbow ballista. Enemies are constantly moving, so players must take this into account when firing a shot.

The ballista will power itself up for a mega shot at random, which can be used to take out large groups of aliens at once thanks to its large impact radius. Players also collect mana with every kill, which can be spent via a simple swipe on the screen. This unleashes the player’s elemental powers, like an ice beam that slows down oncoming aliens.

Image via Majesco Entertainment

Players earn coins as they complete stages, which can be used to upgrade the ballista’s reload speed, impact radius and more. Gems, another currency, can be used to upgrade the player’s mana powers, increasing the amount of mana earned from each defeated enemy or simply making attacks more powerful, as examples.

“Mobile gaming experiences offer unique ways to innovate and connect with players,” said Stephen Saiz, GM of Mobile at Majesco Entertainment, in a company release. “Romans From Mars redefines the endless wave genre, bringing players deeper into gameplay and the world by showcasing the humorous personalities of the 11 different Martian enemy types. We’re looking forward to expanding the world as we continue to tell the Roman Martian’s story.”

Romans from Mars is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.