Role Playing On Twitter: My Little Ponies Comes To (Text-Based) Life

This is something I thought I’d never see. A group of 130 people have banded together on Twitter for some ‘My Little Pony’ role playing.

I guess now that I think of it, Twitter is a great place for role playing. It’s like a chatroom: you can follow only those accounts who are also playing along using a list, you can send short snippets of your “life” as a character, and interact directly with others using @mentions, and you could also start quests or other events using hashtags.

The folks behind the ‘My Little Pony’ Twitter role playing accounts are an active bunch, tweeting all day and all night about life in Ponyville.

You can see a full list of the tweets and tweeps participating in this creative game here.

To keep organized, the group has created a Twitter Ponies Tumblr, which includes a full character list, the rules, a newbie guide and more. They’ve got this process down!

The actual role playing going on on Twitter is pretty cute. All of the “ponies” travel around together, visit each other, and have cute little interactions throughout the land of Ponyville. They tweet dialog regularly and action surrounded by two asterisk.

Although I am not a role player, I love the idea of getting on Twitter to have fun like this. And it made me think of ways that businesses could harness the chatroom-like aspects of Twitter for a similar purpose. They could host 24-hour chats about their industry, product or service; they could harness the power of hashtag chats and host a weekly meeting about their area of expertise; or they could host a “quest” using a hashtag, giving out coupons or discounts to the winners. Maybe none of these ideas are quite as fun as tweeting about the forest of Ponyville, but they’re a start!