Rocksauce Studios launches ReadRover app for self-published children’s authors

Image via Rocksauce Studios

Austin-based Rocksauce Studios has announced the launch of a new mobile solutions product called ReadRover, which was designed for authors hoping to self-publish children’s books on mobile devices. The app and accompanying website look to create a user-friendly method for publishing on tablets, complete with audio support and support for reader interactivity.

ReadRover eliminates the need to publish a book through an online bookstore, where children may never find them. Instead, the books become downloadable apps on iOS and Android devices, with support coming soon for the Barnes & Noble Nook Store. Authors submit their written and illustrated works to the ReadRover program, along with any audio files they’d like added to the experience.

Authors can submit a different audio file for each page to help bring their stories to life, and the apps can be further customized with user recording features. These allow readers to give their characters voices, or will allow parents to record voices for each character before the child dives in to experience the story themselves.

ReadRover joins a growing community of developers looking to help expand the world of e-books on tablets. eReatah, for instance, recently launched its subscription service for e-books, giving users access to over 80,000 books in its private beta. Meanwhile, iStoryTime recently revealed its plans to become the ‘Netflix’ of children’s e-books with its iStoryTime library.

There are multiple packages available for publication on ReadRover, starting at $999 and up, depending on how many platforms or devices the app will support. A full breakdown of each package can be found on the company’s website.