Robot Writes Out Your Tweets, Gives Them Soundtrack, And Makes A Video

We’re having some fun with this one: send a message to @TalayRobot, and you’ll get a nice surprise. Your tweet will travel through cyberspace to land inside an industrial robotic arm in Sony Music London’s reception area, be written by that arm on a fancy whiteboard, filmed by an HD camera, and uploaded with a soundtrack. Lights, camera, action! Your tweet’s a micro-blogging star.

The @TalayRobot account is a promotional stunt created by Sony Music to promoted an upcoming album from Talay Riley, and the soundtrack accompanying the robotic recording of your tweet is his single from the album. Not a bad way to get the word out about a new song! We’re thinking this has the potential to go viral.

It’s neat to watch something that you sent out into the Twitter-verse get etched onto a glamorously-lit whiteboard by a robotic arm in HD. There’s just something satisfying about it. I sent out a tweet to @TalayRobot just a few minutes ago, but it looks like the poor robot is a little backlogged – it has taken over 24 hours for past tweets to get recorded.

You can watch the robotic arm tweeting away in the promotional video below, or send you own tweet to @TalayRobot to see your Twitter wisdom saved for posterity.