Robert Gibbs & Nicolle Wallace on The Today Show

Barack Obama’s Communications Director Robert Gibbs sat with his counterpart on the McCain campaign Nicolle Wallace to preview what we might see on the debates tonight on the Today Show this morning.

It was civil and Wallace did acknowledge Gibbs’s brilliance. Those looking for Gibbs-Hannity anti-Semitic slap fight will be dissapointed smackdown (clip here).

Both agreed Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country and will vote for change. Both dismissed the Bradley Effect (Matt Lauer referenced this Times article)

The best bites were:

Gibbs: “Six in 10 people think McCain is more interested in attacking Obama then saying what he’ll do as President of the United States. The American people want to see what are the solutions people want to see from their President.”

Wallace: “The polls are down. Many are counting McCain out. McCain has been here before. Americans need to really ask themselves do they want someone with a record of reform or someone who says something and does another.”

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[summary via Real Clear Politics]