Roadhouse Interactive Launches Red Bull Air Race: The Game on Mobile

red bull 650Roadhouse Interactive has announced the launch of Red Bull Air Race – The Game on iOS and Android devices. Published by Red Bull Media House, the game was created in partnership with the real Red Bull Air Race team, and challenges players to complete flying obstacle courses using one of six aircraft. The game offers both career and tournament modes, with 55 unique courses, nine different worldwide locations and over 200 races to complete in the campaign.

During the game’s career mode, players work to become a top Red Bull Air Race pilot by earning the fastest times possible on courses, while also following the rules. Each course is filled with pylons that must be flown around or between, and hitting these results in time penalties for the final clock. The plane’s orientation in the air only matters when flying through horizontal pylons, which require one’s wings to be parallel with the ground.

Events come in multiple kinds, and may simply be warm-up laps, multi-lap solo events focusing on the fastest lap of them all, or actual races against other pilots, as examples.

Flight is a simplified experience for mobile, asking players to press a button for the throttle and two other buttons to steer left and right, with altitude handled by the game. In some courses, players are asked to perform loops and rolls, but these serve more as reflex-testing events, where players simply follow the prompts on the screen to complete the bull 650 2At the end of each course, players can earn a bronze, silver or gold trophy, along with virtual currency based on their performance. Users can compare their course completion times with friends via Facebook, or other users in the same country or around the world. Players also earn overall experience points for their avatar’s pilot level. Leveling up increases the pilot’s skill level, and also rewards players with premium currency.

Players will collect up to six planes as they advance through their career, and can upgrade these planes using their prize money. These upgrades increase the plane’s speed and banking ability. As planes take damage or are simply used, they’ll need to be repaired and serviced to maintain their top performance. Both upgrades and repairs take time to complete, but players can speed these up instantly using premium currency. Finally, players can change the paint scheme of their planes, with some options costing free currency, and others premium.

Outside of career mode, players can complete tournaments with other players. There are new global online tournaments with leaderboards presented each week.

“We worked closely with the Red Bull Air Race team to deliver the most exciting arcade flying game to date,” said Ian Verchere, chief creative at Roadhouse Interactive, in a statement. “The Red Bull Air Race is an incredible event that takes place in amazing locations around the world. Our mission is to deliver a fun way to fly on mobile devices, and let gamers experience the rush of being a pilot in the world’s fastest motorsport series. Game players will see if they have what it takes to join the 23 Super License Red Bull Air Race pilots, or challenge players from around the world for top spot on our worldwide leaderboard.”

Red Bull Air Race – The Game is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Roadhouse has plans for “major” content updates going forward, which will coincide with the real-world events in the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

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