Ritz Holiday Parade: Genius Or Missed Marketing Opportunity?

The Ritz Holiday Parade had the potential to be so much more - but it missed the float.

It’s evident that Ritz has put a lot of effort into their holiday marketing campaign this year. The website’s undergone a complete overhaul, with recipes, activities, deals and sweepstakes taking up pretty much ALL of the homepage.

And if that hasn’t caught your attention, then the Ritz Holiday Parade just might. The website encourages you to follow them on Facebook and Twitter (yeah, that’s what this is all about) so you can find out which websites will be getting a visit from the Ritz parade.

So what IS the Ritz Holiday Parade?

Well, it’s…uh…


Well, it’s like THAT, I guess.

You create a float, sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and hope they pick your float to join the Ritz parade.

Your reward? The satisfaction of knowing that a bunch of shapes you put together at random are now roaming the internet advertising Ritz.

I only made my float ten minutes ago, and I’ve already forgotten what it looked like. Or at least I’m trying to.

And what’s more? I’m pretty sure Ritz has missed the parade float here.

If people were allowed to REALLY customize their floats — as in, upload their brand logo, or their kid’s Santa drawing, or a link to their blog, or a personal greeting — this campaign would EXPLODE.

Ritz could still choose the best ones, and still make the floats look like Ritz floats. It wouldn’t cost them anything, but the amount of extra interest they’d get in their campaign would be phenomenal.

Or how about “earning” a place in the parade by buying their products? They could have printed build-your-own-float codes in special holiday packs of Ritz. Or had people vote for the best creations!

Because if it meant having a personal float in the Ritz parade — even for fifteen minutes — plenty of people would be willing to buy a box of crackers (or a bag of “likes”).

SO close yet so disappointingly far away, Ritz. Boo.

What do YOU think of the campaign?

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