‘Riser’ is today’s free eBook download

riserToday’s free eBook is Riser, a teen horror, science fiction novel written by Becca C Smith. The scary story revolves around Chelsan, a teenager who can see whirling black holes emitted by the deceased. Unfortunately, this makes her a living target:

But that’s the least of her problems. It’s 2320 and Chelsan Derée has to survive another year of high school, which for her is pure and utter torture, mainly due to the fact that her schoolmate Jill Forester’s favorite activity is making Chelsan’s life a living hell.

If that isn’t enough, Chelsan’s impossible crush on Ryan Vaughn makes her brain do somersaults on a regular basis, especially since she is positive he doesn’t know she exists. And being eighteen Chelsan has to deal with the pressure of whether or not she should take a little pill called Age-pro, which cures aging, making the world eighteen forever and highly over-populated.
When Chelsan’s mother, Janet, is brutally killed, along with everyone else in her trailer park, Chelsan finds out that she was the intended target.

Chelsan must use her power to raise and control the dead to save herself, protect her friends and take down the man responsible for murdering her mother

Riser is available as a free download on Amazon from 06/20/2014 – 06/22/2014. As of this writing, the book has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 132 customer reviews. For more free eBooks, check out our 10 Websites to Download Free eBooks list, as well as our Free eBook of the Day archive, previously on Appnewser.

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