RIAA Also Wants to Screw Songwriters

We’ve been pretty hard on the RIAA, which is spending all its time suing music fans instead of working out ways for the music industry to transform itself in the age of online digital music. To date, the RIAA and the record labels have both contended that they’re doing this to protect the songwriters and ensure they make money—except that the labels also don’t care about that either.

It turns out that the RIAA is also looking to lower songwriter royalties from 13% of the wholesale price to 8%, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Worse, Slashdot is reporting that the digital music distributors, such as Apple, are looking to lower it even further, to the 4% range.

So now that the labels are finally dropping their ridiculous DRM schemes, which will let consumers finally buy music legally and listen to it on their cell phones, in their cars, or anywhere they want, they’re now doing everything they can to make sure the artists get screwed. Because in the end, all the record industry cares about is itself—not the artists and certainly not the public.

Sides chosen in royalty tussle [Hollywood reporter via Slashdot]