Revealers is part Instagram, part SongPop on iOS and Android

revealers-650Image via Apps23

Apps23 has announced a large update for its photo sharing game Revealers, which is described as a marriage of Instagram and SongPop. The application is part photo sharing social network and part game, as users are challenged with identifying images as quickly as possible in each game.

Revealers is free to download on both iOS and Android, giving users the chance to share photos as they would on Instagram, and view them on a newly added News Feed. Users can browse the latest images shared on the app, and then interact with the photographer by “liking” the image or challenging that person to a game.

Inside the game portion, players first challenge a Facebook friend or random opponent, and then choose a category. The goal is to be the first to identify a covered photo that quickly reveals itself square by square. In this way, the app likens itself to SongPop, since the focus is on speed.

The new Revealers update brings a private chat feature to the app, giving users a chance to chat with friends and strangers alike both in and out of games. New categories like flags, cats and dogs have also been added to the experience, along with the aforementioned news feed which Apps23 hopes will “take social engagement to the next level.”

Revealers isn’t the first app to make photography a game. AppySnap, for instance, challenges players with taking pictures fulfilling specific requirements, like taking a photo through a window or a self-portrait.

You can follow Revealers’ progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.