Researchers Stuffing Smartphones with Wax for Better Performance

Your phones’ transistors are overheating and the solution is wax. That’s the latest from researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania, where “computational sprinting” is bringing wax-stuffed chips to smartphone development.

The concept behind computational sprinting involves using short spurts of energy to perform functions like opening a new window or app. Traditionally, smartphones and computers would use all of the transistors to perform this function in limited, tiny spaces, causing them to overheat. By powering down after the initial ‘sprint’ and using cooling absorptive materials like wax – smartphones can actually save energy while reducing overheating. 

The technology is still in its infancy so don’t expect waxy cell phones anytime soon. Think five to ten years. In the meantime, if your iPhone gets too hot, you can use your iPhone as a pocket heater. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea and an easy way to drain your battery. Android users with hot phones can also use Cool Down Phone app to keep the overheating in check, but there’s no equivalent for iOS.