Report: We’re Spending 49% More Time in Social Media Apps vs. Last Year

Our social media 'snacking' and overall app engagement is on the rise.

social media app

Do you feel more social than you did a year ago? Or at least more mobile?

Localytics, a mobile marketing and analytics platform, took a a closer look to see how mobile app engagement has intensified over the last 12 months. Our time spent on mobile apps now exceeds our time spent on desktop browsing.

According to their analysis, we’re spending 21 percent more time on the mobile apps overall than we were last year, despite the fact that 20 percent of our apps are still ignored after the first use.

At nearly double the time spent overall, social media apps are among the fastest growing in the report. Streaming music apps and  health and fitness tools have also risen to the top of our mobile priorities.

Interestingly, the length of time we spent when we use an app has held fairly steady, averaging about 5.7 minutes per session. Instead, the data shows, we’re launching our favorite apps a lot more:

As you can see, social media is the biggest example of what Localytics calls “snacking” behavior, where small amounts of time are spent, but the app is launched multiple times.

As phones become better and apps more engaging, Localytics expects these numbers will only increase. In the meantime we have definitive proof that all those quick dips into Instagram on the bus and tweeting in line at the grocery is adding up.