Report: North America, Europe to Surpass Asian Mobile TV Revenue

MocoNews has a new report that according to a Screen Digest analysis, mobile TV will have 140 million subscribers and 4.4 billion euro ($6.4 billion) revenue by 2011. That in and of itself isn’t a huge surprise, but here’s what is: the report said that it predicts North America to have the largest growth over the next four years, and that North America and Europe will generate far more revenue than Asia by that time.

Breaking it down further, it begins to make more sense: Asia largely gives away mobile TV for free. By 2011, the report forecasts that North America will generate 40.5 percent of global mobile TV revenue, Europe will generate 42.5 percent, and Asia will account for the other 17 percent.

Mobile TV: Europe, America To Eclipse Asia By 2011: Report [MocoNews]