REPORT: Nonprofits Just Getting Started On Facebook

Nonprofits have barely gotten started building a presence, a new report suggests.

Nonprofits have barely gotten started building a presence on Facebook, a new report suggests.

On average, nonprofits had just 110 Facebook fan page users and 19 Twitter followers for every 1,000 email subscribers, according to the Nonprofit Technology Network and M+R Strategic Services’ “2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study.”
However, this means “there’s still tremendous room to grow on Facebook and Twitter,” said Marjory Garrison, senior vice president of M+R Strategic Services, in an email.
Nonprofits’ fundraising efforts online appear to have gained seven percent over the past year, and has spiked upward by 163 percent for international emergencies including situations in Haiti and Pakistan — these statistics reflect 2010 data, so the current crisis in Japan obviously isn’t included.
This data together suggests plenty of potential growth on Facebook that nonprofits have yet to fully tap. There’s also a huge opportunity for vendors that know how to help nonprofits expand their presences on the leading social network.
Readers, what do you make of the idea that nonprofits are just getting started on Facebook?