REPORT: Facebook Ranks Sixth For Online Video

Facebook ranks sixth for online video watching but has yet to monetize that audience.

Look out, YouTube: Facebook ranks sixth for online video watching during the month of January, according to comScore measurements.

The consultancy tallied an audience of 42,058 individuals on Facebook who together put in 122,623 viewing sessions during January, with the average viewer watching 15.4 minutes. But the social network has yet to monetize this this viewership, since the site didn’t make comScore’s ranking of ad footage watched online.

Now Facebook executives have publicly said that the company wants to monetize other content besides games, so videos might be on the to-do list for advertising sales on the site. Putting ads in video streams would seem like a logical extension of promotions tied to photos, which is another area the site has yet to monetize and could well be considered a bigger priority.

Given how some regard the social network and Google as competitors, stepping up advertising on videos would certainly prop up Facebook’s ability to compete with the search engine that owns YouTube. Other recently announced statistics have shown that Facebook ranks second in driving traffic to video content, which suggests that the site has lots of potential for expansion in this area.

What do you make of the data from comScore and the future of online video content on Facebook?