REPORT: Facebook Is U.K.'s 2nd Most Popular Website

Facebook is the second most popular website in the U.K., where women in their 50s are the fastest growing part of the site's membership.

Facebook attracted more visitors in Britain than Microsoft websites –including MSN, Windows Live, and Bing — combined.

That makes Facebook the second most popular website in the U.K. last month, right behind Google.

The jump for Facebook is pretty significant — its up to 26.8 million visitors, which is a seven percent increase from last year in the U.K. according to the online market research company UKOM/Nielsen.

Microsoft websites had 26.2 million visitors, while the leader Google boasted 33.9 million visitors.

Study authors attribute the growth to an increasing number of 50-something aged women visiting the social media site. So this serves as a reminder to watch what you post: Mom and possibly grandma will be watching.

“The growth in audiences to these social networks is now primarily being driven by the 50-plus age group. Just a few years ago, this group may have found itself out of place on these sites,” UKOM General Manager James Smythe told Reuters.

Smythe said the over 50-year-old population accounted for more new adults visiting the social media site in the last two years than the under 50s. This is significant because it more closely matches the age profile of the U.K. online population as a whole.

In fact, since May last year the number of 50-to 64-year-old Brits using Facebook has grown by 84 percent while the year-over-year growth for the U.K. is lower at 41 percent, according to The Guardian.

The study was conducted with 50,000 people in Britain and similar sample sizes in other countries.

Do you think Facebook will become the most popular website in the U.K., and if so, when?