Report: Clean Master Was Android’s Most Used App in Q4 2015

New data from Drawbridge reveals the most used apps on iOS and Android in Q4 2015.

Drawbridge, a cross-device identity solution, has analyzed more than one trillion in-app ad requests from Oct. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015 to discover which iOS and Android apps were the most used last quarter. Drawbridge’s data also revealed the apps on each platform with the highest number of unique daily users (UDU) during the quarter, and compared this figure to each app’s unique monthly users (UMU).

Drawbridge used in-app ad requests as a proxy for app usage to determine the top iOS and Android apps for October, November and December 2015. The data showed messaging app Tango was the most used iOS app in October, while iFunny and Words With Friends topped the chart in November and December, respectively.

Drawbridge Top iOS Apps Q4 2015

In terms of UDU and UMU, Words With Friends topped the chart, with over 3.3 million UDU, and over 8.6 million UMU for the quarter. Words With Friends was followed by and iFunny in the top three.

Drawbridge iOS Unique Users Q4 2015

On Android, Clean Master was the most used app in all three months, followed by CM Security Antivirus AppLock, which was in second place for all three months.

Drawbridge Top Android Apps Q4 2015

These two apps led for UDU and UMU as well. Specifically, Clean Master had over 49.6 million UDU, and over 151.7 million UMU, while CM Security Antivirus AppLock had over 24.8 million UDU and over 78.6 million UMU in the quarter.

Drawbridge Android Unique Users Q4 2015

For Q1 2016, Drawbridge expects security apps to remain at the top of the Android in-app ad requests list. In addition, with Valentine’s Day coming in February, the company predicts social apps like MeetMe and Skout could grow during the quarter.

Brian Ferrario, vice president of marketing at Drawbridge, told SocialTimes:

This report is meant to serve a few use cases centered around the adoption and actual use of apps by consumers beyond the download popularity contests. We wanted to leverage our unique view of the world, which is through mobile ad request data, to show which apps are getting real traction.

We’ve seen the stats saying that consumers spend most of their time in very few apps, and this report gives a bit of insight into what those apps are. I think all of us in our daily lives notice that everyone is always on devices between and even during activities, so we wanted to answer the question of what consumers are doing on their mobile devices.

This report has diverse use cases—from brands figuring out where consumer eyeballs are, to VCs determining what the next big app will be. Hopefully this is enlightening to many audiences.

Drawbridge’s full report is available here.

Readers: Which apps do you use most each month?

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