Report: Android Leads Market Share of Impressions in APAC Region

A new State of Mobile Advertising report from Opera Mediaworks examines mobile usage in the Asia Pacific.

Opera Mediaworks, a mobile ad platform for brands, in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association, has released its Q2 2015 APAC State of Mobile Advertising report, with findings based on data from 400 million unique users on the Opera Mediaworks platform.

The report found smartphone use in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is continuing to grow at a similar rate as the rest of the world, with ‘page-view volume on mobile websites and apps approaching global averages.’ India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, countries Opera refers to as the ‘P4’ (Power 4) sub-region, have seen a 545 percent increase in smartphone adoption since 2013, with the group being one of the fastest growing sub-regions in the world.

For Q2 2015, Android took the No. 1 position in market share of impressions served to mobile devices, accounting for more than 60 percent of traffic in APAC, and nearly 70 percent in the P4 region.

Male users were found to dominate mobile usage in the P4 countries. For instance, in India, nine out of 10 mobile users are male. The average age for users in all four P4 countries is under 24. In Vietnam specifically, 50 percent of users are 19 or younger.

In the P4 region, the most visited sites and apps overall are those in the social networking category, which accounts for 26.5 percent of all impressions. Specifically, the Philippines has what Opera calls an ‘extreme preference’ for the social networking category, even when compared to global averages. Meanwhile, India’s users were shown to prefer sites and apps offering music, video and ‘media and entertainment’ content, while Indonesian users consume more business, finance and investing content than the rest of the world.

APAC Mobile Advertising Report

While social networking sites and apps lead impressions in the P4 region, it’s these business, finance and investing sites and apps that have the highest revenue generation in the region, and are responsible for almost 42 percent of the revenue paid to mobile publishers across the P4 countries.

In a statement, Vikas Gulati, managing director, Asia at Opera Mediaworks, commented:

It’s an exciting time to be a mobile marketer in Asia Pacific right now. The region is predicted to have 2 billion smartphone users by 2019, and APAC’s mobile screen minute average is higher than global averages, thanks to the higher demand for mobile video.

This is due in part to publishers creating more video-friendly environments and mobile audiences surpassing TV-like scale. Since growing our team in Asia, Opera Mediaworks is poised to meet the demands of mobile-video advertising in this region.

The full Q2 2015 APAC State of Mobile Advertising Report is available here.