Report: 71% of In-Game Purchases Are for ‘Single-Use’ Items

A new report from Soomla analyzed user spending habits in mobile games.

Mobile gaming analytics company Soomla released its Q1 2016 Mobile Gaming Insights report, which analyzed user spending habits in mobile games. The report found that users who complete in-app purchases in one game are six times more likely to make purchases in another game, when compared to random users who have never made purchases.

In addition, the likelihood for paying users to make purchases in a second game can increase by up to 40 percent, depending on the amount of money they originally spent in the first game. Specifically, Soomla found that more than 40 percent of users who paid $25 or more in one game will also make purchases in another game.

The timing of the first purchase is also important, as Soomla found that 18 percent of players who made their first purchases in a game less than 24 hours after the first time they opened it will make purchases in a second game.

Breaking down the specific items users purchase, Soomla found that 65 percent of all game revenue comes from “lifetime” goods, or items players purchase once. These items may be characters or level packs, as examples, and have an average price per item of $2.60. While these purchases account for the majority of revenue, the report showed that 71 percent of all in-game purchases are for “single-use” items, like ammunition, extra lives and so on.

Soomla Q1 2016 Mobile Gaming Insights

The report showed that developers can make more money during the holiday season, as the average revenue per paying user in December can be up to 83 percent higher than the annual average. However, instead of users making more individual purchases in December, the report indicated that users are purchasing items that cost more, like special items that have been made available for the holidays.

Meanwhile, the report found the average revenue per daily active user varies greatly across game genres, with board games and racing games generating $0.28 to $0.32 in ARPDAU, while adventure, arcade, role playing, educational and family games all sit at less than $0.03.

Soomla’s complete report is available here.