Remente Personal Development App Launches Worldwide

The app was designed to help users complete their goals and live healthier lives.

Personal development app Remente has launched worldwide with the goal of helping users complete their goals and live healthier lives.

With Remente, users are asked to complete an initial personal assessment by rating their satisfaction in multiple areas of their lives, like their careers and families. Users can visualize their satisfaction levels on an assessment chart and use the app to set goals to improve their preferred areas.

Remente Screenshots

For instance, if users wish to feel more satisfied in their careers, they can browse suggested goals focused on improving their networking skills, reading recommended books and more. Users can customize these suggested goals by adding, removing or editing steps, and they can change the “due dates” for the goals’ tasks. Users can also create their own step-by-step goals from scratch.

As users complete goals (or as time passes), they can complete the app’s personal assessment again and compare their satisfaction levels on a timeline.

Remente includes a mood tracker, allowing users to rate their mood on a scale of one to five. Users can describe their current mood by selecting one or more positive or negative adjectives, and they can write notes explaining their current feelings. The app displays a user’s average mood rating over the last seven and 30 days, and premium users can access advanced statistics related to how their mood has changed over time.

Premium users also have access to courses and interactive exercises, which focus on things like stress management, memory training and getting better sleep.

In a statement, David Brudö, co-founder and CEO of Remente, commented:

I first identified the need for Remente when I was faced with the challenge of determining my priorities and balancing my own life with the demands placed on me by work. I noticed just how big the issue of mental well-being was in Sweden, with mental concerns being cited as the most common reason for sick leave. I also found that while professional help was available, there wasn’t a resource solely dedicated to preventative measures and to maintaining the wellness of the mind.

Remente was born as a result of these observations, to provide individuals with a way to exercise their mental strength and well-being with a calm and soothing space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Remente is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Premium accounts are available in monthly, quarterly and yearly options, with a monthly subscription priced at $8.99 per month.