Relive MST3K with “Terrible Movie Night” on Twitter

It’s always nice to see a classic media experience revived in social media. For anyone who remembers Mystery Science Theater 3000, you’ll love the newly launched “Terrible Movie Night” on Twitter. Gather around a TV and slap on a guilty-pleasure B-movie, then log on to Twitter to roll on the floor laughing as the funny, sarcastic, profound tweets roll in.

Terrible Movie Night is a social media experiment perfect for anyone with a secret fetish for B-movies and a forgiving funny bone. It is designed for people who love bad movies – and love mocking them even more. Terrible Movie Night explains:

“…sometimes you want to watch a terrible movie. And nothing makes terrible movies more fun than mocking them with other people. So what do you do when you want to watch a terrible movie, but no one else is around?

You watch it with other people online. And mock it online. That’s what.”

A “terrible” movie is chosen every night of the week, and a specific time is set for people to start watching. Participants can then log on to Twitter and share their witticism with others who enjoy hurling jokes at choppy CGI, bad costumes, and flat acting.

Philip Bump has created an online MST3K, fully-loaded with comedic timing and real-time entertainment in Terrible Movie Night. This is a fun way to feel slightly less guilty about throwing on a B-movie – you’ll share the experience, and get to make fun of it at the same time.

Switched points out that there have been other attempts to revive the spirit of MST3K in the past, but none of them have been successful.