Religious Pages Rebound In Facebook Engagement

The Bible has rebounded from a temporary dip in engagement on Facebook. And soccer -- or football, depending on where you live -- continues a solid offensive effort as a number of star players and teams successfully place on this week's countdown.

The Bible has rebounded from a temporary dip in engagement on Facebook. And soccer — or football, depending on where you live — continues a solid offensive effort as a number of star players and teams successfully place on this week’s countdown.

1. Jesus Daily7,156,6822,456,892
2. The Bible7,884,906975,528
3. Mario Teguh4,425,874973,355
4. Justin Bieber33,141,633529,657
5. Harry Potter29,686,293509,937
6. Lady Gaga40,744,334477,220
7. Real Madrid C.F.16,964,582476,245
8. We are Khaled Said1,506,077447,852
9. Manchester United17,084,686445,232
10. MTV Roadies2,373,166382,089
11. Werevertumorro2,324,097363,935
12. Jesus Christ2,804,432354,071
13. David Beckham12,639,149342,291
14. WWE6,332,751332,912
15. Cristiano Ronaldo31,102,859326,101
16. Mehmetcik2,357,539313,859
17. Im a Muslim & Im Proud6,006,628309,684
18. Avril Lavigne24,140,639300,608
19. Dios Es Bueno!3,986,176300,224
20. ILoveAllaah.com6,151,848289,563


Officially spending two months at number one, Jesus Daily is the victor once more. Though engagement drops from the previous week – a slight uncharacteristic decrease in comparison to an increasing weekly total seen throughout the month – 2,456,892 interactions gives the page bragging rights as the number one contender. After weeks of slowed conversation, 975,528 likers help The Bible propel forward to reclaim a spot just behind the front-runner.

Heading into the second half of the countdown, Jesus Christ finishes with an improved 12th place finish with a thank you owed to 354,071 talkative fans. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud stages a comeback that has 309,684 partakers in the discussion – a 17th place week. Two places back, a 300,224 total leaves Dios Es Buenosettling for 19th. drops eight places this time around, but hangs on at the 20th spot with 289,563 thoughts posted to the wall.


Ousting pop star Justin Bieber for third this time around, 973,355 chatty social networkers aid in Mario Teguh taking this notable step forward. Seeing a positive progression in Egypt, We are Khaled Said‘s 447,852 interaction total places it in eighth.

Though dropping a few places, an improved profile photograph is brewing a growing discussion – keep this in mind, page administrators – for Spanish comedic group Werevertumorro; the page garners a 363,935 seven day conversation total. In Turkey, Mehmetcik holds down the 16th position for another week engaging 313,859 users.


He created a registration explosion on Instragram by simply posting a picture of traffic, and now he is handing out invites to popular music start-up Spotify on Facebook. Landing in fourth this time around, Justin Bieber completes the week with a 529,657 interaction total. In another shake up on the countdown, Lady Gaga‘s 477,220 finish has the pop diva slipping to sixth.

Avril Lavigne continues to provide fans with updates from her trek around the world; 300,608 noisy social networkers help set the stage for the Canadian musician’s return into the 18th position.

Movies And Television

The conversation seems to already be fading just a week after the latest Harry Potter release, the film’s 509,937 commenters has it slipping to fifth. India’s “MTV Roadies” has Facebook users buzzing at a continuous steady rate; the conversation grows by 382,089 posters – a 10th place landing.


European football becomes soccer this week as the teams and players making the cut were all playing in the United States. Real Madrid C.F. visited the states for a match against the Philadelphia Union, and 476,245 diehard likers continue to add their two cents to the conversation. The team slides forward to seventh. Manchester United are finishing up their tour of the states; 445,232 comments give the champions the ninth most engaging page.

David Beckham‘s 342,291 interaction total has the star dribbling past much of the defense to the thirteenth spot. This weekend’s game also leads to the return of Madrid’s Star forward Cristiano Ronaldo as his updates land him in the 15th spot accruing 326,101 responses.

The hype is building for WWE‘s annual seasonal event, Summer Slam. The 332,912 post total helps the page conquer the 14th position.

Readers, did you find yourself engaged in any discussions on this week’s countdown?

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