Religion Engages The Most On Facebook This Week

Religious concerns continue their collective stronghold on our engaging pages list once again, closely followed by soccer and pop music.

Religious concerns continue their collective stronghold on our engaging pages list once again, closely followed by soccer and pop music.

The Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily5,086,7522,280,724
2. The Bible7,009,470909,814
3. Manchester United13,295,015855,879
4. Justin Bieber26,770,159801,145
5. Mario Teguh3,981,907793,163
6. Lady Gaga33,673,465764,364
7. WEREVERTUMORRO1,750,928575,398
8. Necip Fazil Kisakurek947,391459,907
9. Dios Es Bueno!3,423,374422,285
10. Educate Yourself1,122,473341,552
11. We are Khaled Said1,243,539340,501
12. Leo Messi10,565,510336,265
13. Kemal Kilicfaroglu1,151,557326,287
14. Müzik Keyfi1,378,277322,914
15. Real Madrid C.F.13,137,121321,370
16. Jesus Christ2,454,887315,990
17. NBA8,542,505309,766
18. MTV Roadies1,282,290306,118
19. CamorraAndLove1,176,998304,637
20. FC Barcelona14,354,777302,228


Jesus Daily again rests comfortably in the top spot on this list; 2,280,724 voices joined the conversation. Nipping at the heels of the first spot is the main social network presence for the The Bible; an additional 909,814 interactions have been added since last Monday.

Climbing forward to ninth on the countdown is Dios Es Bueno, God Is Good, as 422,285 social networkers left a post on the page. This page set up to honor Jesus Christ takes a few more steps back, but hangs on to 16th with the help of 315,990 talkative fans.


Manchester United is leading their league, and playing solid offense on our list. The team took a notable leap forward to third place, as 855,879 excited fans continue the chatter.

FC Barcelona‘s star player Leo Messi has diehard football lovers buzzing on the social network. The winger had 336,265 likers talking as he scores the 12th spot this week. His team takes the biggest fall on our countdown, finishing 20th with 302,228 interactions.

Real Madrid C.F. is currently running a one-day only promotion on Facebook that may help the team rank higher next week, but over the past seven days the Spanish page dropped nine spots to 15th, as 321,370 Facebook users commented.

Also found within the bottom half of our countdown is the U.S. basketball league, the NBA; 309,766 people contributed to playoff talk, helping the the league’s social networking home move into the 17th position on the list.


Justin Bieber got knocked back a spot to fourth this week, as 801,145 of his fans joined in the discussions on his page. Lady Gaga fell two spots to sixth place, with 764,364 interactions tallied.


Mario Teguh cuts the top half of our engaging pages list in half; the Indonesian speaker is a mainstay on our list, as the past seven days saw an additional 793,163 users contributing to the discussion. Werevertumorro returns this week with a massive leap forward to seventh; 575,398 people commented on the page.

Educate Yourself also had an excellent return cutting our countdown in half thanks to 341,552 fan posts added to the wall. We are Khaled Said follows closely behind with 340,501 new interactions. CamorraAndLove makes a first time appearance coming in 19th engaging 304,637 fans into conversation.


Moving up to the eighth position, writer Necip Fazil Kisakurek successfully spends another week on our list with the help of 459,907 talkative likers. Politician Kemal Kilicfaroglu is newcomer as he manages to nab the 13th spot totaling 326,287 interactions. Müzik Keyfi slides into 14th this week; the page saw 322,914 comments added.


We close this week by looking at popular reality television series “MTV Roadies” – yet another newcomer to our list. The page is filled with interactive updates, and last week, 306,118 fans headed towards the social network to discuss the most recent episode, moving the show into the 18th spot.

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Readers, which Facebook pages have you engaged with lately?