Religion Dominates Facebook Page Engagement

Music, sports, and politics create quite a noisy racket on the social network, but it is clearly religion that gets the most Facebook users interacting with pages.

Music, sports, and politics create quite a noisy racket on the social network, but it is clearly religion that once again gets users to interact with pages the most. From Jesus Daily’s thunderous week to a returning option looking to prove it isn’t a one appearance wonder, read on below to see the latest ranking of the most engaging.

Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily7,938,1323,782,249
2. Justin Bieber33,803,2341,159,565
3. Mario Teguh4,498,8741,109,060
4. The Bible7,964,0671,014,523
5. Manchester United17,633,919649,498
6. Werevertumorro2,424,480570,525
7. Real Madrid C.F.17,505,971556,533
8. Black Eyed Peas23,149,364551,076
9. Jesus Christ2,838,491550,487
10. Dios Es Bueno!4,030,856539,442
11. Terima Kasih Ibu2,733,778536,040
12. We are Khaled Said1,528,564466,976
13. Mehmetcik2,409,663432,507
14. Being Conservative2,494,675418,466
15.” MTV Roadies”2,516,171413,658
16. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud6,075,722412,264
17. FC Barcelona18,367,574392,064
18. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,465,667373,273
19. Barack Obama22,182,801352,141
20. Lady Gaga41,666,120339,589


With an untouchable one million engagement increase from the previous week, Jesus Daily earns its top spot with an immense 3,782,249 interaction total. Holding its ground in fourth, The Bible sees 1,014,523 responses. Jesus Christ‘s 550,487 finish has the budding religious hotspot leaping forward to ninth — the page has seen steady improvements in fan engagement over the course of the past few weeks.

Sliding into the tenth position, Dios Es Bueno comes in tenth place, tallying 539,442 interactions. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud has 412,264 talkative likers and will push forward to 16th. A religious boot camp and frequent updates brings together 373,273 chattering social networkers on Joyce Meyer Ministries; the page returns for a second appearance in the 18th spot.


A rerelease of Justin Bieber‘s recent album drives his fan base wild; the young star fends off the competition for second place as it totals 1,159,565 commenters. A creative social media promotion utilizing Facebook and Twitter to collect fan submitted pictures has created quite a successful stir for the Black Eyed Peas. The group ends with a 551,076 interaction total — an eighth place week. And Lady Gaga comes in 20th place with her 339,589 interactions among fans.


Engagement totals continue to soar for Mario Teguh, and this week’s 1,109,060 third place total serves as evidence of this ongoing trend. Video blogs and updates prompting user responses play a part in Werevertumorro advancing to sixth with 570,525 comments added.

Terima Kasih Ibu slips to the 11th position totaling 536,040 interactions. We are Khaled Said sees a 466,976 comeback placing the Egyptian page in 12th. In Turkey, Mehmetcik takes five steps forward to the 13th spot; 432,507 posters are counted.


Coming off the U.S .tour and gearing up for training camp has 649,498 sports talkers chatting over at Manchester United — a finish good enough for fifth place. A similar atmosphere is found over on Real Madrid C.F‘s social networking home, and 556,533 talkative fans aid in the page moving forward to seventh place.

FC Barcelona is forced to play defense as they fall back to 17th place totaling 392,064 responses.


It is the time once again where we start talking presidential election. Well, there are certainly some interesting political discussions to be found on Being Conservative. We will leave it at that, and 418,466 partakers aid in the newcomer coming in 14th place. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, Barack Obama‘s social media team has 352,141 Facebook users engaging in the posted content landing the page the 19th spot.


Once again closing out this round up, “MTV Roadies” continues to lose ground. This time around is no exception; the page’s 413,658 conversation total has it falling into the 15th position.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked in the conversation on any of this week’s engaging pages?

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