Relevvant and Constant Contact Bring TextualAds SMS Signup and Publishing App to Facebook Pages

Relevvant is the developer of the Facebook Page tab application TextualAds, which allows Page admins to collect phone numbers from fans and publish targeted SMS updates to them. And the company has made an interesting move today, partnering with Constant Contact to bring its app to the Facebook Pages of the email marketing giant’s 500,000-plus clients.

The partnership should help Constant Contact keep its service offering relevant as more marketing occurs on Facebook.

Constant Contact has already made several acquisitions in the last year to further this same goal. In February it bought social CRM startup Bantam Live, which offered a dashboard for managing messaging and workflow activity surrounding contacts on Facebook and Twitter in real time. In May 2010 it acquired NutshellMail, whose system for aggregating social media updates into emailed digests it used to offer a social media tracking system for clients.

Now, Constant Contact customers will have access to TextualAds. Facebook Page admins enter the app which provides a WYIWYG editor for designing an SMS alerts signup tab application to be hosted on their Page. Phone numbers collected from the tab can sent text messages informing the fans about discounts, contests, events, or other news. TextualAds permits admins to target specific subsets of their audience based on location and profile characteristics.

Admins can view dashboards of metrics on subscribers and SMS campaigns, and can receive a special keyword and shortcode that allows fans to signup for SMS updates via text message. They can also receive the code for a TextualAds widget for display elsewhere on the web. The partnership will permit easy importing and exporting of user contact information between TextualAds and Constant Contact.

Email marketing companies are becoming a consolidating force in the Facebook ecosystem as they spend the cash they earned during the boom years prior to the emergence of social networks to buy Facebook-related services relevant to their core businesses. In January, Experian purchased Facebook Ads API developer Techlightenment in January, and FanBridge acquired musician and brand promotion app developer DamnTheRadio.

Small developers building utility apps for marketing and communication, social advertising technologies, and page management are in a strong position to take advantage of the service gaps of well-established but slower moving companies from the pre-social era. They can either provide necessary complements to clients of these old service suites, become acquisition targets like the companies listed above, or strike lucrative partnerships that open doors to huge volumes of clients as Relevvant has done here.