Reddit Rolls Out Native Video on Desktop, Mobile

Users can now upload videos directly to Reddit from their desktop and mobile devices

Reddit announced the extended rollout of its native video beta, allowing more users to upload videos directly to Reddit, rather than relying on third-party services.

While native video uploading was already available in a small number of Reddit communities, this expansion will allow more users and communities to access the feature.

Reddit’s native video feature allows mobile users to record new videos and post them from within Reddit’s official mobile apps, as well as upload existing videos from their camera roll. Meanwhile, desktop users can upload videos from their computer.

Each video can be up to 15 minutes long, and users can convert videos into MP4 GIFs with Reddit’s “native GIF converter.” Finally, mobile users can trim their videos and GIFs before sharing them.

While watching a native video, users can scroll down and read the comments, and the video will continue playing in a small window at the top of the screen.

A Reddit blog post reads:

Throughout the beta process, we’ve found that native video doesn’t merely improve the content creating process; it offers a unique new format for expression and interruption-free engagement once the post is live. Because our video platform keeps a small preview window open at the top of the screen as you browse the comments below, you can transition seamlessly between viewing, lurking, and commenting on Reddit videos.

It’s already proving its value to our communities, content creators, publishing partners, and brands, who are eager to start using native video to engage in conversation with Reddit communities in new ways.

Reddit said it will continue to update its video feature as it collects additional feedback from users.