Reddit Reports Record 1.9B Page Views in October

More and more people are keeping Reddit opened as a permanent tab on their web browser and the page views for the social networking news sharing site are adding up quickly.

Reddit earned over 1.9 billion page views with over 29 million unique visitors during the month of October, according to Reddit General Manager Erik Martin. With that score we are talking about an estimated 55 percent increase in page views since May 2011 — the last time Reddit updated its monthly traffic.

“It’s [the traffic] skyrocketed since then,” Martin told VentureBeat earlier this week.“I think we might break 2 billion [page views] in November at the rate we’re going.”

Reddit has steadily increased its smaller communities with its local subreddits sprouting up on the site, enabling community projects to help expanded the sites influence. The social networking news sharing site also rolled out a collegiate subreddit contest to heighten activity from higher educational communities – that was very successful. Recently, the company turned to local advertisers to help build up its local community subreddit pages.

One more reason for Reddit’s continued growth is probably due to the company’s increase promotion of gift exchanges projects, including Secret Santa and Arbitrary Day events.

The question is: Will Reddit reach Martin’s projected 2 billion page views in November? It is quite possible if the third annual Secret Santa gift exchange pulls in new members and increases activity on the platform.