Reddit-Only Nostalgic Racing Game Honda Circuit Hits the Road to TwitchCon

Athletes from Team Liquid will livestream their races

The tracks are nods to Reddit’s most beloved communities Honda/Reddit

Honda is hitting the road to TwitchCon and bringing along Honda Circuit, a nostalgic racing game that can only be played on Reddit.

Honda Circuit marks the first time Reddit has teamed up with an automaker to create a game for its community. The game was developed by Reddit in partnership with ModOp.

The game can be accessed via promoted posts on Reddit, which said 40%of gamers are on Reddit, responsible for more than 1.2 billion monthly page views and spending over 10 hours gaming each week.

Players can choose between three Honda Civic racecars—Civic Type R, Civic Hatchback and Civic Sedan—and new tracks will debut each week, four in total. The tracks are nods to Reddit’s most beloved communities.

Players with the fastest times will be eligible for a 10-position leaderboard that will refresh as each track is released.


Honda Circuit will run throughout the month of October. Honda said in an email, “The game was created to be simple, yet challenging enough for both casual and core gamers to enjoy.”

Honda has also participated in an Ask Me Anything series on Reddit, featuring top talent from esports organization Team Liquid, and Honda said four athletes from Team Liquid will stream their Honda Circuit games live on Twitch once per week for the next four weeks during peak viewership times.

Reddit director of brand partnerships Joe Leavitt said in an email, “We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Honda through the launch of this game. It’s always exciting to see our partners bring value to Reddit communities with fun and engaging ad experiences.”

And American Honda manager of media strategy Phil Hruska added, “It’s been an exciting month of gaming for Honda, and as we head to TwitchCon with Team Liquid this weekend, we can’t wait for gaming fans to experience our next surprise—a custom Honda racing game available only within the Reddit platform. It’s important for Honda to connect with the online gaming community on a more genuine, deeper level, and Honda Circuit is a super unique way to immerse fans into our world, behind the wheel of a Honda Civic—a millennial and Generation Z favorite.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.