Red Karaoke Gets a Remake

You should have seen me a few Fridays ago. I brought the house down with a blazing renditions of Pearl Jam’s Black and New Kids on the Block’s Games. Oh, I wasn’t on stage anywhere. I was amongst friends in the basement of the local karaoke joint.

My musical aspirations are non-existent, but if you are looking to make a name for yourself with those golden pipes, and an American Idol audition is just too inconvenient, you should check out Red Karaoke.

The Madrid-based startup has recently redesigned their homepage, putting singers center stage.

Audio and videos can be uploaded from virtually any device and performances are ranked and rated by the community. Other social networking features include the ability to start your own blog, leave comments for performers and chat with other singers via instant message or forum. And by the way, I use the word singers loosely.

You can search for performances by genre, song type, and language. There are currently 17,500 free karaokes and 215,000 registered users.

“Plug & sing” technology allows users to simply plug a microphone into their PC and start recording.

Check out Drako singing “It’s My Life” in the style of Bon Jovi.

Not too shabby, eh?

The site aims to appeal to the casual karaoke-er and the dreamer. The community can rally behind you for casting auditions and advice on improving your technique.

Have you ever heard my version of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl?” Nope. And we’re gonna keep it that way – for your sake!