Recruit knights and defend your base in Throne Rush on Facebook


While many Facebook games in the base-building combat genre focus on modern or futuristic combat, Nexters’ Throne Rush takes players to a more medieval time, as they’re challenged with recruiting mages, knights, orcs, eagles and more to defend their base and attack enemy villages.

Players in Throne Rush must balance the use of resources like gold and food, spending food to recruit soldiers and gold to purchase items from the store. While gamers have relative freedom in purchasing items in any order they’d like, a quest system pushes them along with specific tasks. Players can also spend resources in bulk to upgrade their existing buildings, increasing their storage capacity or productivity, among other boosts.


Once in combat, the game’s formula is a familiar one, as players click to deploy units and watch them attack nearby structures automatically. In the game’s level-based campaign, players receive a star rating for each battle, depending on their performance.

Meanwhile, the game’s multiplayer combat mode sees players taken to a random village, where they may have to encounter units far stronger than their own, or choose to retreat and begin the search again.

While there are plenty of games just like it, Throne Rush is finding success of its own on Facebook, sitting at over 529,000 monthly active users (MAU), according to our app tracking service AppData. That’s up from 253,000 MAU on December 28. Throne Rush is available to play for free on Facebook.