Record, manage, organize, do more with your Skype using Call Graph

callgraph.jpgEver wish you could record your Skype conversation? Well, Call Graph is making that wish come true with its Skype recorder, a free service which guarantees no spamming or malware distribution on your side.

Call Graph is a startup that is hoping to gain traction by offering a free service to Skype users. With Call Graph’s Skype recorder you can do the following:

Automatic Skype call recording without any intervention of whatsoever. You can set the directory where the recorded Skype conversation will be stored. You can also stop the recording anytime you want to. Call Graph will also notify as you start with a Skype conversation on how you can start recording.callgraphscreen.jpg

Automatically tags and manage your Skype calls with the display name of the contact your are talking to. You can edit these tags with any tags that you think can help you to effectively identify the Skype calls. Likewise, these tags are used by Call Graph for indexing and filling.

Indexing and searching of your recorded Skype calls can be easily done though the tags you specified. Call Graph easily looks for a call from a particular contact using the tags.

Notification by Call Graph is done un-intrusively. The notification application runs as a Windows task bar icon while the notification appears as a sliding window over the task bar. This notification automatically disappears after some time.
To use Call Graph, you will need to download the application installer here.