Can You Recognize Your Facebook Friends?

How well do you know your Facebook friends by sight? There's a fun app called "How Many Friends Do You Know?" that tests just that.

How well do you know your Facebook friends by sight? There’s a fun app called How Many Friends Do You Know? that tests just that.

The game is on an external website but uses Facebook Connect to draw in photographs of your Facebook friends. You have a limited amount of time to type in the friend’s name that corresponds to the photograph.

I found the game quite fun but more difficult than I expected and I’m not sure how well it really does test your knowledge. I know pretty much all my Facebook friends in real life, some better than others. I’m confident that I would do well if the photos presented were actually of my friends. However, in many cases they were not. I’m not going to necessarily recognize old friends based on a picture of their two-year-old child or their Mad Men cartoon avatar. In one case I was presented with a photo of several pairs of boots and asked who the friend was. In another it was a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. Um…

I suspect the app was drawing in profile pictures exclusively, though I’m not sure. Maybe if it could identify pictures based on tagging it would work better. Either way, it’s a nifty bit of software and it’s let down, not by technology, but by the social aspect of what people (or my friends, at least) actually put in their profile pics. It’s still a good way to entertain yourself for a few minutes. I’d be interested to hear about your experiences in the comments if you test this app out.