Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Cooks Source Magazine Forced To Close, Following Facebook Backlash

It looks like Cooks Source is closing down as a result of the recent copyright saga and Facebook backlash - and apparently the editor hasn't learned a thing!

Anti-Muslim Facebook Page Now Removed

The Facebook page set up to call for the deportation of the Muslim protesters who disrupted Remembrance Day ceremonies in London has been removed.

240,000 Facebook Users Turn Against Muslims

Hundreds of thousands of racist comments flood a Facebook page set up to protest the actions of a small group of Muslims who burnt a Remembrance Day poppy in protest of the war in Afghanistan.

Now Cooks Source Claims Its Facebook Page Was Hacked

New England food magazine Cooks Source at center of plagiarism controversy posts apology and claims its Facebook page was hacked.

PR Head Brandee Barker Quits Facebook

Brandee Barker has quit after four years as head of public relations at Facebook.

Huge Numbers Of People Hack Into Loved Ones' Accounts

If this survey is anything to go by, web users are a sneaky and mistrustful lot when it comes to the significant others in their lives.

ALERT: fbcounto Does NOT Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile

A new application called fbcounto, which claims to let you see who viewed your Facebook profile, is a scam.

Facebook Backlash Inundates Food Magazine Over Content Theft

Hundreds condemn food magazine Cooks Source and advertisers abandon the publication after editor attempts to justify stealing content from the web.

Facebook App To Show Support For Veterans Day

With Veterans' Day only a week away, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have launched a Facebook app that allows supporters to "march online" with vets.

Facebook And NBC Universal Tout Green Credentials

Facebook joins Digital Energy Solutions campaign and launches green page for consumers, while NBC Universal prepares to launch a green pledge app.