Twitter Co-founder’s Plans To Rebuild Home Ticks Off Neighbors

Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams, is not making a lot of friends in his neighborhood lately. With plans to tear down and rebuild his $3 million dollar home, he seems to making quite a few enemies – 240 of them and counting.

According the the San Francisco Examiner, Evan and his family live in what is described (by neighbors) as a “unique property [that] adds diversity of architectural interest to the neighborhood.”

And the couple’s plans to tear down the Parnassus Heights house (in San Francsico) to create “a new ‘zero net energy’ home with solar panels, a green roof and sun-friendly windows” is being met with hostility, including more than 240 opposition letters – even though the couple also plans to address common conflicts over obstructing views in the redesign, by lowering the height of the home by 18 feet to preserve a line of sight to the San Francisco skyline.

The opposition paperwork — much of it consisting of form letters with a section for personal comments — expresses fear that a trend will emerge in which older homes are torn down in favor of newer luxury houses.

The home — listed in city records as a “potential historic resource” — was built in 1911 by architect Louis Christian Mullgardt. However, an environmental evaluation application submitted in May by project sponsors argued that extensive renovation work conducted in the 1970s detracted from the home’s historic status.

This probably doesn’t seem all that hostile though, right? Neighbors are just peacefully opposing the Williams’ plans? Not according to this guy:

Another comment from a neighbor named Anthony said that while he opposes the demolition, he won’t participate in any attempt to “bully” the Williams family as others had intimated.

“The neighbors against this have made it clear when passing out these petitions that they plan to be 
unhospitable and threatening,” Anthony said.

Looks like things are going to get interesting for @ev! Ah, to be a millionaire and have such problems! What do you think of this?

(House desconstruction image from Shutterstock)